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steve-joshuaHi, my name’s Steve, and I’m an I.T. Professional with over 20 years of experience.

For the last 5 years, I’ve been the proverbial “wizard behind the curtain” for many top online marketing names I’m sure you’d recognize.

For now, I’ll skip the back story and get you right to the good stuff.

Today, I’m stepping out from behind the curtain and I’ve partnered up with my good buddy Joshua, to share with you a tool that is going to shortcut and streamline your online promotional efforts, instantly.

How? By capitalizing on the oversights and mistakes that your competitors are currently making.

Are you ready to make your online marketing “brain dead” simple? If so, I promise not to waste your time, but let me first ask you...

Does Any Of The Following Apply To You?

You have a website

Want to know EXACTLY what you need to do in order to rank high on page one in every search engine.

You’d like to steal your competitor’s traffic, easily (even in the most brutally competitive online markets with tons of competition)

And you want to do this as fast as possible

If you answered yes to any of these, then you’ll want to pay close attention to everything I’m about to share with you. If not then you can just stop reading, right here.

Tell Me If This Doesn’t Sound Familiar

Tired of having to access the members area for 3, 4 or 5 different “analytics” tools?

Want to eliminate the need for some of your current monthly paid app subscriptions?

Do your eyes glaze over when you’re presented with mountains of technical mumbo jumbo (Usually a big complaint folks that use Google Analytics have)?

Wish all the data you needed was easily accessible in one central easy to navigate location?

Do you want that data simplifed, easy to understand and easy to actually use in helping you make money?

Make Progress Without Wasting Time

img-03Once you’ve done all the SEO research... You know what you want to rank for… You’ve setup your social media accounts... And you’ve even begun putting your game plan into action….

How can you be sure your game plan works BEFORE you start ranking? How do you know you're on the right path?

Imagine if there was an easy way to directly compare your efforts to what your competition is doing?

Better yet… What if there was a tool that pinpointed and highlighted all of the areas of opportunity your competitors missed?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just swoop right in and exploit those opportunities for yourself?

Take their traffic. And, get their business. In a moment, I’ll prove to you that you can.

It Can Make You Want To
Smash Your Head Into A Wall

img-04Marketing online is often hard and confusing. It’s ALWAYS in the best interest of the various search engines to keep you in the dark.

They don’t want you to figure out how to game their system.

Why? They’d rather you pay for traffic. That’s how THEY make money.

The problem with paid traffic is that competition is fierce and the costs can be really expensive.

What if you could figure out exactly what your competitors money making keywords are... Figure out the strategies that are currently working best for them… Identify exactly what mistakes they’re making… And, all of a sudden, you stole their bread and butter traffic?

Would that interest you? Here’s the GOOD NEWS… The data you want is already available.

The tool that’s been created for you simply brings it all together and hands it to you, wrapped in a gift box...with a nice big bow attached.


Web Detective

This is THE most powerful, all inclusive, online analytics
tool anyone with a website could possibly need.

Use it to find the easiest and most profitable marketing opportunities that you can easily optimize and tap into, in order to get all the targeted visitors you could possibly want.

This is NOT just another SEO analytics tool. In fact, SEO data is just a small fraction of the information and power this tool will provide you.

It helps you in so many useful ways, the sheer scope of it’s features and benefits might hurt your brain just trying to fathom.

But I’ll try to lay them out for you, anyway.

The Powerful Data You’ll Access In Seconds

Visitor Analytics

Rank & Index Analysis

Domain Analysis

IP Analysis

Link Analysis

Keyword Analysis

Malware Scan

Google Adword Scraper


Native Widget

Native API

Here are some more screenshots of Amazing Features

What Else?

The site has a Responsive Front End - Which means it automatically adjusts to the type of screen it’s viewed on so that it looks good on any device:

Built Multilingual Support For 10 Different Languages











Okay, Okay Enough Already - What’s The Price?

img-05Like I said, the features, advantages and benefits of what this tool can do for you are truly mind boggling.

It does so much for you. As you can see, you’re not getting a rinky dink piece of software and the value you’re getting should be in line with it’s price, right?

With all the power you see that you’re getting access to immediately after you purchase, my partner and I would be crazy if we didn’t eventually raise the rent on this tool.

That’s why, for a very limited time, if you act fast, you’ll be able to get everything we’ve listed here at a ridiculously low steal of a deal, but only until we reach the date and time you see listed at the end of this letter.

After that, the price goes up. So, don’t wait.

Web Detective Basic

Web Detective Advanced

Web Detective Pro

Try It Out For 30 Days Risk Free

satisfaction-guaranteeGet Web Detective, today. Simply download, install and use all the amazing features we’ve made available for you, immediately, once you access the members area.

Use it for just the next 30 days, which is a nice long 4 weeks to put this thing through it’s paces.

If you don’t  feel that it was worth 10 times the amount you’ve paid to just mess around with it…. If you don’t agree that you now have more analytical data, immediately, at your finger tips than anyone else competing in your space... And if you don’t see just how easy it is to exploit your competitions missed opportunities with this simple, yet, amazing tool…

Then I urge you to contact me, let me know and I will quickly and happily return every penny of your purchase that you’ve made today.

Getting in touch with me is easy. Just reach out to me using the easy access support desk inside the members area and you’ll see how just how quick we are to respond. It’s that simple.

I’ve taken away all the risk and placed it squarely on my shoulders where it belongs. You’ve got nothing to fear and no excuses, now, not to give this a try.

Bonuses You Say?

Talk about some amazing bonuses, right?

Not only are you getting the most powerful website and analytics software on the marketing, you’re also getting some amazing bonuses that will show you how to dominate page 1 of Google!

Let’s Quickly Recap What You’re Getting

But for the next few days ONLY, you can access
Web Detective at the incredible discount you see below.

Choose The Package That’s Right For You

Web Detective Basic

Web Detective Advanced

Web Detective Pro

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